About Us

Our Belief : News is not just about imparting or sharing information, but is a strong medium that provides an insight to solutions of problems faced by our society and individuals at large. News is meant to provide corrective indicators that measure up to social growth and positive change.

Our Vision : We have established our journalist network for excellent and proper quality content in both domestic & International news. We have Hired reputed news Agencies both for Text as well as Video News Our contents will be kept LIVE for the viewer to go on-line, to view as well as recall at will, without having to wait for it to appear, and this is our USP as well.

Our Strength:– Team News DNN is not driven by any type of greed for power or money, but belongs to a collective that stands committed & fully dedicated to our company’s belief & vision and equally in realising its mission & dream which by untiring efforts registered a significant presence on Facebook, Twitter & You Tube with High Viewership and following.

Our Responsibility:– Our primary motive is to focus on the content which set high standards of moral and ethical values in society.alues in society.